Abortion Information


If you’re considering getting an abortion in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx or Queens, it’s a big decision and you’ll want to have all the facts. Before planning an abortion, you will need to know:

  • What stage am I in my pregnancy?
  • What abortion method will be used?
  • What are the risks and procedures?
  • What are my patient rights?
  • How will abortion affect me?
  • Do I need to tell anyone?
  • What happens after an abortion?
  • Are there other options available to me?
  • What if I’ve already had an abortion?

Free Abortion Alternatives can help answer these questions for you by providing medically accurate information. Call for an appointment today.

Abortion Pill

Looking for a medical or non-surgical abortion by taking “abortion pills”? Contact us at Free Abortion Alternatives. Our counselor can provide the abortion education you need to fully understand what kinds of abortions are available for your situation. Before visiting an abortion clinic or getting any type of abortion, you will need to know more.

– Am I really pregnant?
– How far along am I?
– Is my pregnancy active?
– Am I at risk for an STD or STI?
– What are the risks to my health?

Before you decide to have an abortion, Free Abortion Alternatives can help you understand your options. Make an appointment to speak with one of our client advocates about abortion methods available to you, your personal situation and any questions you have. All services at Free Abortion Alternatives are free and confidential.

Morning After Pill

Before you take the morning after pill, be sure you understand what it is, how it works, and what will be taking place in your body. We can help you to understand this information.

Be Informed

The morning after pill, sold over the counter as Plan B One Step® and Next Choice, is intended to be taken as soon as possible within the first 72 hours after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. But there are many factors to consider.

– Does it work?
– What are the risks?
– How will it affect me?
– What if I am already pregnant?
– Am I at risk for an STD?
– What if I’ve taken it before and need it again?

These are great questions to ask and Free Abortion Alternatives offers real help and real answers. All our services are free and confidential. Make an appointment and talk to us.


If you are considering adoption we offer information and emotional support to help you make that decision. We can also give you a list of adoption agencies to choose from that can guide you through the adoption process.

Birth Control

Emergency Contraception Information – If you have had intercourse within the past 72 hours and you didn’t use birth control or your birth control failed, you may be considering emergency contraception. Schedule an appointment with us immediately to get the facts.

Post Abortion / Miscarriage

Abortion Recovery Support Group – Many women struggle with stress, guilt, and emotional trauma after having an abortion. Group meetings are offered for women experiencing post-abortion stress, providing a confidential, non-judgmental environment in which you can begin to heal.

Signs of Pregnancy

Things to think about

  • When was your last period?
  • What are your symptoms?
  • How long have you experienced your symptoms?
  • Have you taken a medical-quality pregnancy test?
  • Need someone to talk to?

How Many Weeks?

If you are pregnant, the first question to answer is how far along are you? You will need to know the first day of your last period even though conception could have been several days after your period ended. Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of a 28 day cycle – or about 14 days after the first day of your last period. If you were sexually active around the time of ovulation, it’s possible to become pregnant.

Make an appointment with Free Abortion Alternatives for a free pregnancy test. If your test is positive, we will give you a free ultrasound.